M0PYG & G4OOE LD Visit Aug 23

Geoff M0PYG & Nick G4OOE hope to be active on the Wainwrights between Sunday 20th - Friday 25th August 2023 starting with LDOs 089 and 100 on Sunday. As usual we would like to work as many old and new friends as possible mainly on 145-fm.

Geoff & Nick


Hi Nick
have you specific fells and day’s in mind or just what the wx throughs at you

reg 2e0ldf

Hi Reg

We are hoping to do Watch Hill & Setmurthy Common tomorrow assuming the traffic is okay. We haven’t made any specific plans for the remaining few days. A lot will be dependant on the weather and our state of fitness. Unfortunately Geoff and I haven’t done a great deal of fell walking lately so whatever we do will be done at a leisurley pace. Hopefully, we will meet up with you tomorrow if you are around. Or maybe you will be our banker chaser on LDO-100!