Making the best of a limited time available

with june’s new hip a lot better i took the opportunity to go up on watch hill LDO-089 G/LD-054 for the LD weekend and use it to test out my home made yagi along with a 25w mobile radio.
but like all best laid plans the power lead on the radio fell a part, so the ft25 came to the rescue and made 10 contacts, 4 s2s with one into G/NW 043 JOHN GW4TQE/P so i think the yargi was a winner

so on Monday when asked if i wanted to go out i again jumped at the chance and took the same setup (now fixed lead on the radio) to Binsey LDW 190 and G/LD 041, and yet again the gremlins struck this time the crocodile clip coming of the coax so i had to use the whip antenna on a 3 meter roach pole
i made 12 contacts
at was a interesting test the extra power gave some great signal reports but, and there is always a but
the receive was rubbish i could only just copy steve 2e0xup/m and nothing at all from alex G7kse.
both could hear me, so i swapped over to the ft25 and now steve was 5 9 and alex crystal clear 55 to 56 so it was all an interesting test and a lot learned

on packing up i measured the wind speed at 20 mph and -5 wind chill and started to take some photo’s when i could hear a child screaming, a woman came with a child on her back no hat or gloves at that point and could not understand what the problem was with the kid (12 or 18 month old?) the wind was cutting exposed skin to ribbons, i don’t know if she was nieve or just plan stupid

nice easy path up Binsey

a bit late to put the poor thing a hat and gloves on

i bet it’s toes where frozen in welly’s

looking over to Great Sca Fell and Over Water


out to the Solway coast

the path down was still frozen hard and slippery

Bothel wind farm with Caer Mote Hill and ST Johns Hill on the right

back side of Watch Hill

last look up at Binsey and all most down

it was great to get back out again and with June making good progress it will not be to long and i can venture farther a field
thanks to all chasers and steve / alex for hanging a round for the radio swap
73 2e0ldf


Well done on the radio adventures, Reg. TQE John is an old school friend and SOTA over-achiver! 73, P

Good to get out I’m sure Reg, I did see your alert/spot but no chance of Binsey from my home qth, power or no power.

Andrew M0TRI had tried to use a small car trx and had problems, I went through the same process when I was an M6 and decided that the extra complications didn’t warrant the extra power. Having said that when doing HF and having hauled the FT-857 up to a summit that is a reliable enough setup that I can run higher power to the Slim-J. FM doesn’t have knacker a battery quickly at 50w. It made the difference in getting a contact with Phil @G4OBK who was on a South Scotland summit from Whitbarrow Scar however.

Regards, Mark.

Hi Reg,

My memory is not what it was, but I can’t remember trees on my walks up Binsey. I take it there more than one route up, or I’ve lost it.

Jude thinks he saw you and Andrew in Stage 2 at Whinlatter today.



hi steve
yes there is more than one way up Binsey but that’s the one i prefer

and jude probably did see us on stage 2 but it all went wrong on stage 6 Grizedale we rolled 2 and a half times and totally wrecked the car !!!


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