Not radio my other activity as crash test dummy


one that we got away with

and one that went wrong, it looks like i will have to make anew antenna this one is a bit bent

the in car telemetry recorded the initial impact at 7G . Not much less than a fighter pilot
the in car footage is on Andrew Irving YouTube if any one is interested

Hi Reg,

That is a fair G shock reg. Looks like the car will need a bit of work going by your photos.

Just watched the video. Looks like it was awkward getting out. So long as you are both ok that is the main thing.

73’ Geoff GM4WHA

Heck ! I didn’t know that happened the day before I spoke to you on the radio . Good to hear you sounding so unruffled and both OK !

Glad you are OK Reg!

That video reminds me of the day I managed to roll a diesel Fiat Uno, which is quite some feat given it struggled to get above 50mph and weighed a lot! I made full use of the smashed windscreen to escape :slight_smile:

Hope you manage to get the car repaired for the next event.

Cheers, Simon

My mate bought a brand new 205 GTI back in 1990 and it is still registered - would appear to be a rally car.

Bit of a mess that, but it comes with the territory!


I’m not surprised you crashed Reg driving at those speeds! Speed awareness course at least I hope :laughing: