One walk i won't be repeating agian

I got up at 5:45 and left home at 07:00 to drive down to Ullswater the wx was supposed to be the best day of the week on arriving down Glenridding the road was very wet with some puddles it must have rained over night. I parked in a lay-by near the Skeside camp site at 08:00 and set of through it to go up High Hartsop Dodd

I made 3 contacts G6LKB-G1FVA-GM1VLA
the accent up was very step but only took about 1 hour 15 minutes from the car

looking back to the camp site and Brothers Water

Dove Crag in the sunshine but every where else was black
it was then on to Little Hart Crag and and 4 contacts
G5AIB/P on Fairfield-G4WHA/A–G6LKB-G6AEK
It was windy cold and dark and then down to Scandle Pass to head up to Red Screes


the mist coming down on Red Screes by the time i got across there it was even lower so i decided to miss it out because i have activated it before and did not fancy sitting in the clag so skirted a round and head for Middle Dodd
it was 12 degrees wind speed 20 mph and not nice but i did get 5 contacts
the dissent down was really step and awful my knees and thighs were screaming at me by the time i got down

looking back along the path to Middle Dodd

almost back to the starting point the path up is to the left of the buildind
and it is now at least 10 degrees warmer and brighter

Dove Crag and Hart Cragg
there are lots of big bolders in the field which makes you wonder where they came from?
i wonder if Phil M0AYB could shed some light on them

Place Fell to the left and Angletarn Pikes in the sun

route taken was much tougher than i add anticipated i still have sore thighs 2 day later
i now only have Birks and Arnison Crag left to complete the Eastern Fells


Hi Reg,

It was good to get you on 2 of the summits. Great pictures though! When i did that round back in August 2012 the weather was horrible and very low cloud and wet. We went up via Middle Dodd and that was steep. Going down from High Hartsop Dodd was awful to. You did very well. Like you i would not do that full round again but would do Red Screes along with Middle Dodd again.

Arnison Crag and Birks are not to bad to do. I started from the back of the Patterdale hotel when i did both of those summits. It is a fairly steep walk up to Arnison Crags but it is not to far in distance.

Look forward to working you again.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

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