Penultimate Outlier

A big thankyou to Andrew, G4VFL who suggested we go activate one of the two fells I have needed as a chaser for quite a few years. The plan was for Andrew to activate and me to stay behind at the car to get the chase, after this was achieved I decided here was a comparatively easy fell in front of me and I just had to have a stab at getting to the top. Luckily Andrew was getting a few contacts which gave me time to climb most of the way and when he announced he was packing up I said “stay there I’m nearly at the summit”, a bit more effort and I was there so I got the chase plus my first 2021 activation as a bonus. Two activator contacts made,

1642 M0RKD/M 59 / 59 Russ on Shap Summit M6
1644 GM4WHA/M 57 / 55 Geoff AnanDerek Knipescar Common


So good to hear Derek. It was wonderful day to be on a fell. Mark

That’s super Derek. Got Andrew, but dashed out for Burgers so missed you getting to the top. Thanks for the chasing today.

@M0NOM - Thanks also for the S-S from LDO-102

well done derek and i’m sure that there will be more to come in the future
73 reg

Sorry it was slightly rushed, wanted to try if we could but I was on a tight timescale as had to get back for meetings!

Regards, Mark. M0NOM