Photos from Grisedale Pike with geoff G4wha

i have to thank geoff for waxing his boots it made all the difference to the weather gods,it normally rains when we go out but we could not have pick a better day

Eel Crag ldw-024 and g/hld-012

Grasmoor ldw-020 g/ld-012 in the centre and Hopegill Head to the right
a few weeks back when geoff and i did it the wx was atrocious with visibility down to a few feet poring rain and strong wind

geoff being asked what we were up to

Hopgill Head it is hard to believe that 40 years ago i used to climb those gullys in winter full of snow and ice,but that never happens now a sign of global warming i guess

the summit of Grisedale Pike

geoff G(M)wha looking for a phone signal


on the way down it turn chily but Geoff was trying to contact Robert m0rwx/p

on the friday of the LD weekend i meet up with Lee M7LLC on Watch Hill ldw-089 and G/ld 100

we only live a few miles a part and talk on the radio regular it was the first time we had meet

thanks to Geoff for a great day on the hills i think we had about 40 contacts with 22 summit ot summits
and of course he is happy to walk at my slow pace


Nice pictures Reg . A good Weekend, made all the better by the weather.

Really sorry I missed you both. I bet your times were all wonky and that’s why I couldn’t work you :joy: