Photos from the activation with steve 2e0xup

first apologies to steve for taking so long to post the photo’s
i have been busy with my other hobby, testing over in the north east

so back to the walk it’s a few year’s since i did this walk and there have been improvements to the path big slabs have been put down and re routed a way from the old path that was washed a way

this was the chosen start point and no parking problems with a early start

skiddaw in the distance and right to Bowscale Fell

steve 2e0xup heading up to the summit of Bowscale

on the top it was suprisingly windy, steve was better prepared than me he had a sock over his mike to cut out the wind noise

looking over to High Pike

the next target Bannerdale Crags

luke and dad steve with Bowscale Fell behind

looking down to Mungrisdale and the rising path we had come up on the left

the summit of Bannerdale Crags with Blencathra behind

close up of Blencathra

these photos are for derek 2e0mix, this is the second time i have been on Mungrisedale Common with no water a round or any boggy bits

luke and my self sat in the sun before the returning back an missing out Blencathra one of the plan B routes back which would have been one Fell to far for the little fella
all in all it was another great day out with good company
73 reg


Thanks for posting the photos Reg. Blencathra will save for another day…

First of all pleased to hear the car is running good with the dog box Reg and ready for a rally :checkered_flag:. Really like the look of this route you all took on this activation the scenery looks amazing, good mileage and company and looking at Steve’s log good contacts…great photos as always :ok_hand:

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Nice photos Reg, was it not at least a little bit spongy :slight_smile:

Great pictures & report Reg @2e0ldf

Do you have a YouTube channel for any of your 205 rallying videos?


hi simon
yes all videos are uploaded to youtube including the one testing over on stockton-on-tees last week
you just put in ANDREW IRVING RALLYING and you should find them
my son drives and i navigate
73 reg

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Cheers Reg, @2e0ldf

The videos are great - reminds me of my earlier years chasing rally events across Europe. The 205 looks fab; an old friend had a 1.9GTi, which we took over to the Nurburgring, before TG made the 10 minute lap a target for all & sundry - really good fun, on a quiet track! :ok_hand:

73, Simon

My mate found is 1993 Peugeot 205 GTI was still being taxed and MOT’d a couple of years ago. Unfortunately my 309 GTI of a couple years later dropped off the radar many years ago. It was a wonderful (if French built!) car.

Thanks for photos etc. Looks like @G4OBK Phil and you have something in common…