Pictures from Grike & Crag Fell (featuring light winds & a blue sky)

A last minute trip using the opportunity to make use of what looked like the only decent day we’ve had for a while .

Grike summit Looking to Crag Fell

Looking NE

Setting up on Crag Fell


Heading home


Nice walk out Richard did you get wet feet between the two fells lol…Lank Rigg is another good walk to activate but a long one.

Surprisingly Mike , it was no worse than it usually is considering all that rain we had . Just had to pick your route through it as you normally do , managed to get over with dry socks at least.

Hi Richard
i looked at the wota site when i got up and there was no spots, so it was a surprise when you call on 145.500 i was about to go in for lunch. It was great to get you on both summits

the F15s were a bonus they whent over my house and seconds later you said they had gone passed below you

73 reg

One of those unplanned bonus days Reg and just good to be out and make a few contacts .