Plan a was Ullswater but went fror plan be instead

I only have 5 Eastern fells left to complete book one, down Ullswater but when i got up the cloud was down on all the hills near home so not wanting to go all that way and not see any thing for mist i decided to do Skiddaw instead . I have been up there so many times poor visibility was not a problem you can’t get lost up there plus there was a possible s2s with Andy G8CPZ .
I left the car at 08:10 bst and arrived on the summit at 09:29 just to hear Andy call CQ from Scafell Pike after a contact with him i got Neil GW0WPO/P on GW/NW-005 and made 10 contacts in total
all the time visibility was down to about 10 yards it was very wind and bitterly cold
i did intend to do c4fm on 144.61250 but every time the ft3d kept going on to Lee M0LLC digital repeater 439.76250 that was in use and giving out a 5:9 plus signal and i could not stop it going to the strongest signal

on the way up the cloud base lifted to only the highest hill’s

my fitness at the moment is the best it has been for a few years and i only stop once all the way up
compared with lad hows on Grasmoor it was a doddle

approaching the summit in the mist

just before leaving the top it started to clear out and you could see BASS LAKE

Blencathra through the mist

Skiddaw Little Man the next summit on which i made 5 contacts
from there it was over to Lonscale Fell amd made 5 more contacts

Blencathra from Latrigg
and now a different day less wind and warmer

only 2 contacts
G0TDM John has saved many activations for me
G1KGW/P Colin s2s on Dale Head


Another great activation pal good to see you on top form :ok_hand:

Hi Reg,

Great photos again as usual. Your camera is so good… Skiddaw is a good walk but like you i have been on the summit when it was baltic and very low cloud!

I was in Glasgow for 2 days for my daughters graduation so missed you.

Look forward to working you again. Out of interest which 5 eastern fells have you left to do?

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

hi Geoff
the remaining fells are High Hartsop Ddodd–Little Hart Crag–Middle Dodd i’ve done Red Screes but will go over it to get to Middle Dodd
and the last 2 are Birks and Arnison Crag. All i need is for the wx to settle down again to get them done

map of some contacts from Skiddaw

73 reg 2e0ldf

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Nice photos through the cloud base Reg… Not as warm up Skiddaw as it was on Grassmoor the other week .

Hello Reg, thanks for the S2S when I was on LDW-001 last Thursday. I was dripping sweat in bright sunshine on the first part of the walk even though it was early morning but from Mickledore to the summit of Scafell Pike I was in the cloud and with a cold wind I needed all the extra clothes I’d brought.

As others have observed the views from LDW-001 are not as good as from other summits in the area but the VHF takeoff is the compensation.

73 Andy

How do you produce a map showing contacts like this???
Clifford M6LKB is looking for info so he can do similar.

Does anyone else know how its done?

hi David
the map was taken from the SOTA site it’s a new feature that has been added it appears to show regular SOTA chasers and activators. I made 10 contacts but not all are on the map it would be great if it could be added to the wainwright site

I think mark does some thing similar on his reports and my be more help

73 reg 2e0ldf

Thank Reg.
MARK can you help please?

Here’s an alternate method which I use:

  1. Use a logging program which has an option to output your log in ADIF format. e.g. I use the (free) Fast Log Entry (FLE) app to capture my QSOs for WOTA, SOTA, etc. from my original paper & pencil log.
  2. Submit the ADIF file (as input to) the online ADIF Transform app created by Mark @M0NOM.
  3. Get ADIF Transform to create a KML (output) file.
  4. Open the KML file using Google Earth. The latter will create the visual map of QSOs with radio paths, which you can cut & paste into your activation reports.

Fast Log Entry (FLE) can also output your log in CSV format which you can use to upload your log to the WOTA and SOTA websites.


Hi @G6LKB David, I got an email off Cliff that I’ve responded to. I’m going to spend a bit of time whilst on holiday going through some tutorials which should get folk from knowing nothing about mapping to being able to use the tool to plot their qsos.


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Thanks Andy and Mark.