Plantar fasciitis

6 months in with this in my left foot…its a nightmare has stopped me doing any exercise or cardio training so have put weight on and my fitness has gone down hill. I am hoping this will be fixed at some point so I can be out doing what I love :walking_man: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow:

PF kept me away from the fells and WOTA for a while as well. It’s a strange thing, but with exercises and orthotics it does depart eventually, so keep the faith! P

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I echo what Phil said. I had PF about 10 years ago when my job had me standing most of the day. I treated myself to new walking shoes and inserts. I also did a bit less walking [especially with heavy rucksacks] and a bit more cycling [to take the weight off my feet]. It takes a long time to heal all those micro-tears.

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Sorry to hear this @2E0IKM - I spent the best part of 50 odd years being invincible but I’ve now realised in the last 12 months that I’m not. Part of the reason for such an epic first activation was to prove to myself that I could still do it, without any serious side effects. Happy to report this being the case, wasn’t sure which way it would go!

Best of luck with the recuperation, sounds like there is every chance you’ll be back on the fells with the right regime and mental attitude. I found the latter especially trying for a while.

Regards, Mark.

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