Pre-activation planning

Was looking at where I could go tomorrow and found this video recorded a while ago on Beda Fell (click on the image below the map).


2E0ONO, G4OOE, 2E0XYL, G4WHA and M1MPB on Beda Fell in the Lake District.

Top comment (by 2E0XYL): “Thanks for the video Mark - Beda Fell will certainly go down as one of my more memorable activations lol. I’m so glad I was with you guys!”

That is some angry weather you experienced there!



That is hardcore and pure determination…dont think I could do that :+1:


I can assure you it was extremely rough! Probably the worst conditions i have ever operated in. On the way we were going through snow which was upto our waists in places and the wind was horrendous.

Still we got it done. We were lucky as we only got one contact and that took some time coming. All i can say we were so pleased when someone came back to us (G4UXH sk) and we could complete the activation and get back down to the pub for coffee!

Date was 1st Feb 2014. One activation none of us will forget!

73’s Geoff GM4WHA