Putting a face to a call sign (G8CPZ/P)

if some one announces that they are to activate Watch Hill(setmurthy common)LDO-089 and G/LD054
i can’t resist going to put a face to a call sign in this case Andy G8CPZ
it was interesting to see Andy working CW and to see the gear that he used

the walk up from my house only took 35 minutes on a beautiful morning i don’t know how Andy manages to pic them

looking down Buttermere the clouds are still low

mist over the Solway coast

Cockermouth and home QTH

Andy G8CPZ/P setting up a very impressive antenna for HF band

but first 2 metres FM but it only had to listening on the frequency
and later me from LDO-100 Watch Hill

deep in concentration on CW it’s all black magic to me
even the dog is taken an interest in what’s going on

the KX2 is a lovely piece of kit but totally out of my league

and time to take the antenna down it folded down to half a metre
it was good to chat to Andy and see how he operates on a summit activation and meet another radio ham with a shared interest in WOTA/SOTA

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Good one, Reg. It’s a local hill for me too - been up dozens of times and activated it on a few trips of course! It’s one of a number of SOTA tops that have been activated several times in recent weeks. The level of SOTA/WOTA activity on the fells has been fantastic. Long may it last - the more the merrier. 73, Phil

It was a nice surprise to find Reg waiting at the summit and to chat about the equipment [like my new antenna, Chameleon MPAS Lite vertical] and ways of operating especially CW. Yes, I find the Morse requires all my brain power. If something distracts me (e.g., a clegg trying to bite me) either my sending or receiving falls over.

Thanks for the interesting photos – I have very few photos of my radio gear especially on summits. The weather was ideal that day, dry, fairly sunny and neither too warm nor too cold.

Reg, re your suggestion about doing Low Fell (G/LD-042 / LDW-196) together, if you email me [my email address is on qrz.com] we can maybe talk about the routes you mentioned and possible dates.

73 Andy