Rosthwaite fell

i parked the car in stonethwaite and walked up the path to the camp site there is a gate that leads to the path up next to stanger gill

the path was covered in leaves that made it difficult to see and also very slippery it looked like it was not used much
most of the way up was in the shade and woodland but once out in the sun it was pleasant and the views opened up
at the top of the gill you have to cross a small stream
it leads to a very boggy section with the deepest peat i have ever seen it must have been 5 feet thick at this point
the view over to dale head -eel crag-high spy
looking across to brandreth -pillar in the middle grey knotts- high crag-high stile-fleetwith pike -in the far distance blake fell and dale head to the right
on the left is great gable-green gable and leading down to base brown the walk i did last week in the middle is gillercomb i have spent many happy hour climbing on gillercomb buttress
on the way down i passed a tarn called the tarn at leaves it looks over to pike o stickle -wetherlam pike o blisco -swirl how-and great cars
the view maiden moor -catbells-binsey- and the skiddaw range
some work being cared out on the side of glaramara i don’t know if it is for water or some thing to do with the flood defences?
and back down to stonethwaite after a good walk out and not as cold as my last one
73 2e0ldf reg

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Great photos Reg, thanks for sharing.

Hi Reg,

Excellent photos. You had a good day weather wise. Unfortunately i could not hear you which is not surprising as i am in Carlisle!

73’s Geoff GM4WHA