Seat Sandal Fairfield and Saint Sunday Crag

with the completion of the Western fells i needed to do Saint Sunday Crag it is one that i had not activated before, and thought i would take in Seat Sandal and Fairfield just to make a good walk of it

i parked the car at Dunmail Raise it was a lovely morning and headed up to Grisedale Tarn and then

the steep path on to the summit of Seat Sandal , the first contact was s2s with ANDY G8CPZ/P on Brant Fell LDO 113 this is a fell i can’t get from home so it was good to get it, after that i made another 12 contacts

the decent down from Seat Sandal to the col is not the best and with all the new stones that have been put down made for careful feet placement on the loose stones

looking down the steep path this chap was the only one on the summit while i was there

the views weren’t good with all the blue haze

the zigzag path up Faifield as received the loose stone treatment and made for interesting ascent

looking back to Seat Sandal

poor views to the south and not a day for good photos but just record shots from the summit of Fairfield

looking over to Helvellyn
i was eaten a live buy midges during the activation and glad when there was no more contacts, 17 in all the radio was over loaded with everyone calling at the same time and made it difficult to pick out call signs, but i did manage to work every one including to s2s with CHRIS MOKPW/P on HELVELLYN and JOHN GW4TQE/P on GW/NW 011

this was the first time i have been down over Cofa Pike and really enjoy the descent
i have been on Saint Sunday Crag many times usually in winter after climbing one of the 4 snow filled gully

the view over to High Street still poor

back to Cofa Pike and Seat Sandal

the summit from which i made 11 contacts and again a s2s with SHANE G6WBS/P on G/NP 017

Helvellyn and Catsy Cam

the map shows three path down to the tarn but this is in my opinion is the best and most easy

i took this photo over to Dollywagon Pike just to remind myself of the great times had on tarn crags winter climbing in those gullys, un like rock climbing winter snow and ice grade can change from week to week depending on conditions,
but that’s another story
for today it was a great walk with lots contacts and really enjoyable
so a big thanks to all chasers
73 reg


Another result well done really like the look of the landscape some new ones for me when fit :clap: