Sergeants crag and eagle crag

i was surprised to find only one other car down at stonethwaite

the path go’s across a bridge to join the coast 2 coast route to grassmere

the fells i was heading for very steep on three sides and great care is needed in coming down
i took the long way round the back via greenup edge and it moraines(bog)
i could see 2 walkers up a head of me that i was slowly catching and makes my go faster than the pace i had set my self at the start
there was a lot of water coming down the beck
at the top i had a chat with them the guy was from keswick and made rucksacks and bum bags both can be seen in the photo he as a shop in the old kings yard the young lady was from the USA and doing the coast 2 coast
being the perfect gentleman i let them go first through the bog so i could see were to avoid but still got wet feet
look back down the path from lining crag
i followed the ridge around to sergeants crag and the lack of a path made it hard going and very wet in places
look across to lining crag and ullscarf
only the stile to get over and the top comes in view
the summit with 2 people from YORK all ready on it
2e0dig/m dwain on the A66 near penrith we have had many qso in the past mobile (lorry driver)
m7xup steve
g0cza mark near carlisle
2e0mix/p derek

i only got the 4 contacts

the summit of eagle crag looking down to borrowdale
a big thanks to derek 2e0mix/p for saving the activation he was the only contact i could hear steve m7xup 5-5 but he was not receiving me
the path i went up (coast 2 coast)
last look to borrowdale and stonethwaite in the bottom
i took the steep path down it was a bit tricky in places but ok except for a slip on wet black mud and got a soggy bottom to go with the already wet feet ho for the joys of doing the central fells
car park now full i hope the red and grey car are together

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Well done Reg nice walk it does look a steep one and very surprised you got a park so easy, great views I must venture that way at some point…good activation :clap:

Hi Reg,

You took the same route as i did when i did Ullscarf, Sergeants Crag and Eagle Crag. When i did Sergeants Crag 10 contacts were made but only 5 from Eagle Crag.

You had good weather and it looked very clear to. The main thing is you qualified them both!

Your photos are great.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA