Seven activations to get to 214!

Thanks to chasers for picking me up on Bowfell and Rossett Pike yesterday. I was running a bit late - Langdale parking problems didn’t help.

Bowfell top - a completely vertical antenna might have been a bit better!

With those two done, I need to activate seven more in the High Raise / Langdale group to complete the 214. In coming weeks with a bit of luck. 73, Phil


hi phill
it was good to get you on Bowfell i didn’t think it would be possible given all the fells in the way between us
i could hear you on Rossett Pike 3 and 1 but you could not hear me

it would be great to get you on the remaining fells when ever you plan on doing them
73 reg

Didn’t realise you were so far along your Wainwright’s journey @PhilM0AYB!
Good to get you in the log too from Queen Adelaide’s hill on my lunch hour.

Regards, Mark. M0NOM

Reg - sorry to miss you on Rosset Pike. It was as we guessed - Bowfell has that extra height that makes contacts relatively easier towards the North. I know you are into the photos, so here’s something different!

(I think it’s a bit over-processed: clouds were nice, but not that nice!)

73, Phil

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hi phil
yes i do like black and white photos they have more impact than colour ones
i used to process only black and white photos many years ago
73 reg