Sheffield pike and glenridding dodd

i got up early knowing it would be hard to get a parking spot down Ullswater, the fells at home were covered by mist and i wondered if it was worthwhile going
on the drive up the A66 it was foggy and the top of Troutbeck the visibility was about 100yards, but started to lift when i dropped down past Gowbarrow

the start of the walk up seldom seen

looking down the lake it’s still a bit misty
the main path was easy right up to the gate to the open fell and the path around the back of Sheffield Pike but my chosen route was a little harder to spot

further up the path splits to the right

BirkhouseMoor Catstycam and Helvellyn behind from the summit
i made contacts with
the contact with Geoff was difficult 3-1 on 145.475 but on the calling channel he was 5-5 to 5-6 so i don’t know how that works but some frequencies are better than others ???

Raise in the centre with sticks pass to the right

the cloud starting to lift

Catstycam is much clearer

looking towards Great Mell and Little Mell Fells

mark putt’s in the obligatory sheep mine it some thing red ie the rucksack
i think the stone is a boundary marker

in the way down to Glenridding Dodd over HeronPike via the south east ridge

it was one of those day’s when you could do with your shorts on but with all the long bracken on the way up and down long trousers were best if very hot
the next target Glenridding Dodda a short assent but fairly steep

Birkhousemoor and to the right White Side over the summit
it was one of those summits when i wish i had taken the amplifier because it was surrounded by higher fells i only made 4 contacts but could hear SUE GIOHH 5-5 and also DAVID G6LKB but i was to weak for them to receive a signal report
G6BWS/P SHANE s2s on G/LD 023 Knot
are the only contacts made

over to Sheffield Pike and the southeast ridge i came down

much clearer down the lake now

the red bag again to add a splash of colour
Red Screes and Caudale Moor in the distance Birkhouse Moor in the forground

now on the way down a last look back to Sheffield Pike, my route when up in between Heron Pike and the knoll on the right

the path down was probably a mistake with a antenna and roach pole on my bag, the path through the wood’s was narrow with lot’s of overhanging branches to snag on
but that said it was a great walk i would recommend to any one
thanks to all chasers
73 reg


Hi Reg,

What excellent photos. Looks like a great route to those 2 fells. When we exchanged 31 reports i was surprised as where i was parked i can work Sheffield Pike. However i decided to wait and see if you got any stronger. When you called on s20 you were an armchair copy, No problem at all. Very bizarre in the signal differences. I have experienced a similar thing over the years where a station is extremely weak on one frequency but far better on a different one.

Just to let you know i did hear you on Glenridding Dodd. I was between Eaglesfield and Waterbeck going to pick up my daughters friend and you were a reasonable signal.

73’s Geoff