Some photos from 27/05/23 Fairfield

David G6LKB said i had not been putting photos of late so these one’s are for him
i take up to 60 photo’s i then i have to narrow then down to about a dozen and down size them from 10mb+ to under 2mb for Discourse which takes time

Stone Arthur

across Dunmail Raise the cloud base was low

Fairfield now starting to clear

across to the western fells Great Gable in the centre

visibility was poor and it turned cold and grey on the top of Fairfield
i had 3 summit 2 summit’s Matthew M0MZB/P -Geoff G4WHA/P–Tim G4YTD/P

the Langdales in mist

Scafell Pike now clear

back down on Great Rigg,

Alcock Tarn

contacts from Fairfield

the now re-built car testing and going well so I should have more time to get out on the hills

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Hi Reg,

Great photos and it was good to work you from Little Mell Fell. Look forward to next weekend. Will be in touch to arrange approximate meeting time.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

Great shots Reg. I must pack my light fishing rod and have a go in some of these little tarns , I already have my telescopic landing net handle with me as an aerial pole .

hi Richard
i’m sure there was fish coming up and catching the midges,there was the odd splash and ripple,how fish would get up there i don’t know.It was the perfect day to sit by the tarn and try your luck.
73 reg