SOTA LD WEEKEND is here.. I have a plan

There’ll be plenty of SOTA and WOTA action starting tomorrow.

My plan (with XYL Judy) is weather and fitness/strength dependent. We are hoping for a pleasant and steady long weekend with some good food, after the crazy week which I am still coming down from, when I was activating intensively on HF in the Czech Republic:

I have just updated the active time to around 1100z when I should be on the first summit tomorrow on the LDO Seat Robert Horseshoe - a route I last walked in January 2012.

Planning to climb to Stony Cove Pike (Caudale Moor) before light sandwich lunch at the Kirkstone Pass Inn. If weather OK and strength allows then Red Screes is scheduled in the afternoon.

Once again with weather and strength we would like to climb Coniston Old Man anticlockwise from the Walna Scar Road Car Park and then follow on with the Wainwrights of Brim Fell > Dow Crag > Walna Scar. A route we last did in May 2012.

A none SOTA / WOTA day as we want to continue on the Howgills & Limestone trail near Sedbergh on our way home, strength and weather permitting.

Sure there’ll be lots of contacts abounding in the Lakes this weekend. I’ll be using a 5 watt handheld and will bring my original rucksack special out of retirement for old times sake, so lets hope my signals will be heard…

73 Phil

I take my hat off to you and your wife Phil for the amount of Wainwrights activated and the amount of walking involved! After our Helvelynn/Seat Sandal trip on Saturday I took a short stroll up Brant Fell with Alex on the Sunday and my legs were really sore!

I didn’t ask you what handheld you were using? Obviously you sounded completely different on FM compared with SSB, but the sound was quite compressed which is unusual for a standard handheld. Punching through nicely obviously.

Great weekend, Mark.

HI Mark

What a brilliant weekend, total deja-vu for me going back to those summits. I used a half wave end fed antenna in the rucksack and my 10 year old VX-170 with a chinese speaker microphone. You’re not the first to say the radio sounded a little odd, David G0EVV/P on Cross Fell thought I was over deviating. Unable to say at this stage, but there was no shortage of contacts despite just using its 5 watts. I’ll look at the radio’s settings and compare it to the almost identical FT-270 I have. It could be time to put it on the scrapheap maybe…

We were surprised that we coped so well with 4 days consecutive relatively hard walking. It’s a lot harder now than when I started doing WOTA over ten years ago. The years takes their toll!

73 Phil

Well done! It might be the microphone, or the mic gain. I found I was consistently talking to loud into the non-Yaesu microphone I bought for my F1XD.

Think you should be easier on yourself given the amount of walking you did - I have some catching up to do!