SOTA LD Weekend, Sept 17-18 2022

As you may have noticed there are now a number of alerts pulled through from the SOTA website for the weekend of 17th-18th September. This is the main SOTA Lake District Weekend this year.

Lots of opportunities for contacts, especially on 2m which most activators have.

Regards, Mark.


I’m in Mark, no idea where so might be worth us clubbing together as I’d want to do a few Wainwright’s as well. Thinking of Coniston old man but not set on it.

What does anyone fancy?

Will do the usual 2m FM but will be really happy to work a wainwright on CW. No experience necessary. Just a key and a bit of planning


I’ve done CW from many a Wainwright which was also a SOTA but never a Wainwright that wasn’t a SOTA. I would be happy to change that if that’s what you meant Alex. A CW QSO between two non-SOTA Wainwrights would be a first, I would imagine.

Who knows, it could lead to the formation of the Wainwrights CW Club - whoa Andy, steady on!


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It struck me Andy that I’ve only had CW qso’s on SOTA summits. I’d like to get a few WOTA ones in the bag too. They’ll be rubber stamps like SOTA so really happy to do it with CW beginner’s as well. A scripted QSO would be ideal.

Either way we’ll have to arrange something whilst the weather is good :grin:

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Hi Alex, yes, it would be fun to do that. Do you have CW mode on 2m? HF groundwave can work in the hills but only if line of sight.

There are 5 or 6 non-SOTA WOTAs within about a 30-minute drive of me with approx 20-25-minute walk to summit, e.g. Scout Scar LDO-101 near Kendal. Do you have any particular WOTAs in mind or part of the Lakes you want to try this?

Re Morse, I’m happy to do it QRS and rubber stamp as you like.


Always worth looking at the HEMA programme in conjunction with WOTA if you want a few more HF contacts. I’ve had a couple of CW contacts from WOTA summits in the past, typically with Phil @G4OBK - his sending is an absolute pleasure to listen to, and you are less likely to get the hoards descending which is often the case with SOTA activations.

In case you got a load of alerts recently I cleared down the SOTA->WOTA activation alerts today just to make sure that they are accurate. The pull through doesn’t take into account cancelled alerts that will then sit on the WOTA system.

Zombie alerts!

[Whenever I edit my G/LD SOTA alerts I try to remember to delete the outdated version on the WOTA alerts list]

I’ll be chasing from home. Can’t see me getting up even Watch Hill for a few months yet. Last year I chased from the Silloth Cycling Festival, but that’s next weekend this year. Anyone going to Ambleside Sports? I’m not sure I’ll make it, hoping we can drive the car to the cycling tents so I can join in. It’s was fantastic last time it was on.

@G8CPZ Andy has been keeping tabs but I think we are up to 22 activators on SOTA Watch so will be lots of 2m activity this weekend, and looks like the weather will be kind to us.

Drinks/food at the Brookside Inn, Windermere from 7pm if anyone fancies it.

Regards, Mark.