Steel fell to helm crag horse shoe

i left the car at 9am i was the only car parked,the wx looked good so had high hopes for a good day on the hills about half way up steel fell the mist started to roll in on reaching the summit i could not see more then 10 yards and very cool,at that point to elderly ladies came out of the mist we had the now customary conversation of what i was doing we said good bye and i got on with the activation

the path up steel fell
the mist starting to roll in up dunmail raise
the mist now covering the summit
some where in there is calf crag and it took a lot of finding
the two ladies that were on steel fell were also wondering around looking for the summit
but one had a GPS so i set my map and compass by it and set of in the direction i thought was right and after a while i came a cross the summit , the two women came about 10 minutes later and the GPS confirmed it was the top of calf crag
its a poor photo but it shows how bad the path was in places with out the use of the fence i could not have got across
i got 7 contacts on calf crag
after the activation the mist started to lift and could now see the last 2 fells!
on gibson knott i got 3 more contacts
top of helm crag
i got mark M0NOM/P first he was school knott waiting for me
and 2w0xyl/p it must be 5 years since i last had a QSO with her when she did all 214 wainwrights
and yes i had to go up it
it is some times called THE HOWITZER or from the road THE LION AND THE LAMB
car park now full


Well done Reg some great views there and well pleased to get a couple contacts with you summit/summit…nothing wrong with those photos :+1:

Glad you got some good views Reg, you sounded cheesed off to start with, and I was staring at blue skies out of my Velux window whilst working, couldn’t quite understand how you could be in the clag, but then we do live in the Lakes!

Great to get a S2S with you, thanks, and thanks for the report, lovely photos. Will be trying to get some of these summits in on a walk soon, not ventured further than Helm Crag on this horseshoe.

Thanks for the write up Reg, and the photos. That bog looked a challenge. Not sure how you made it across using that fence. Shame I could not work you on anything other than the first summit, especially on a day that I could hear folk from Wales, Preston and Lancaster.



Well done Reg! That’s a fair old walk and not the easiest of summits when in the cloud. I’m glad the weather turned nice for you in the end.

Sorry I didn’t hear you on the first few but very happy to catch you on your last fell of the day from Moel Siabod NW-010. It has been lovely hearing some old friends after being off radio for 5 years.

In the last week or so I have been trying to get hill fit again so hopefully will work you S2S on more WOTAs soon.

Great photos by the way.


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