Sue's Remaining Chaser Fells

Link Book Name Height Grid Last Act Last Date Maidenhead
LDW-114 N Great Sca Fell 651 NY291338 2E0LDF 15/02/2019 IO84KQ
LDW-121 N Mungrisdale Common 633 NY310292 G4WHA 11/05/2019 IO84LP
LDW-134 N Brae Fell 586 NY288351 2E0LDF 15/02/2019 IO84KQ
LDW-148 N Meal Fell 550 NY282337 2E0LDF 15/02/2019 IO84KQ
LDW-159 N Great Cockup 526 NY273333 2E0LDF 15/02/2019 IO84KQ
LDW-187 NW Graystones 456 NY177264 2E0LDF 10/10/2018 IO84IP
LDW-205 NW Ling Fell 373 NY179285 2E0LDF 16/05/2019 IO84IP
LDW-209 NW Rannerdale Knotts 355 NY167182 G4TQE 16/05/2019 IO84IN

Query for reference:
SELECT * FROM summits WHERE wotaid <> 0 and wotaid NOT IN (SELECT wotaid FROM chaser_log WHERE wkdby = ‘G1OHH’)

Looks like Great Cockup, Meal Fell and Great Sca Fell could be done in one walk:


hi mark great cockup. meal fell. great sca fell. brae fell and longlands fell. can all be done on the same walk you can also take in knott if you wish it is a good walk and easy it is to be recommended
73 reg 2e0ldf