The Corridor Route

I was up out on the hills yesterday supporting the Four Passes running/walking event in a RAYNET capacity. I was posted at Sty Head having ascended from Seathwaite - as it happens I took the Northerly path which felt at times like a reenactment of Bilbow Baggins in the Lost Mountains. Taylorgill Force was very impressive with the recent rainfall we’ve experienced. Footing was very wet indeed, I didn’t have dry feet for very long!

I didn’t know about the corridor route to Scarfell Pike previously - it was attracting an awful lot of walkers, some better prepared than others. I appreciate that folk can’t choose the weather based on the weekends they decide to visit the Lakes, but given that you clearly were going to be in cloud I would have thought folk might choose a different summit. I suppose this is the one they have planned for, this is the highest, but there isn’t a lot of common sense involved at times!

Anyway, the route is very impressive from Sty Head - I had binoculars with me and couldn’t quite work out where the route turned upwards, I think folk disappeared behind a closer prominence at some point.

I will definitely give it a go, on a day with guaranteed views at the top!

Regards, Mark. M0NOM

hi mark i have used the corridor route many times over the years to and from scafell and scafell pike it is one of the must do walks you will enjoy it but on a good day
73 reg