The oxford vaccine

yesterday thursday 21st i had my first dose of the oxford vaccine , today i feel absolutely terrible bad head bad chest a cough i hope the protection it offers is better than the covid 19 it’s self
has anyone else had the vaccine and had any side effects

best regards to all and stay at home and with a bit of luck we may get back on the hills by APRIL?
73 reg 2e0ldf

Hang in there Reg, symptoms vary but I believe generally subside after 24 hours or so. Alex felt off after her dose but she is young and fit as a fiddle, not sure I’m going to get off so lightly either when my turn eventually comes. I won’t get any sympathy of course!

Hi Mark, I get mine next Friday not sure which one I will get, will let you no later.
73 Sue

I had my first dose of the Oxford vaccine and had a really bad reaction. Felt like flu, hot and cold shivers which I couldn’t control. These turned into full body convulsions which I eventually got under control then got far too hot. About an hour later I was throwing up. Massive headache for the next day then completely fine the day after.