Three more - to 214

Early activation alert… I’ve been busy on lots of stuff recently, so shamefully quiet on WOTA. Time to change all that. I am sitting at 211 WOTA activations (after a stop-start decade!) and hope to do the last three next week. Weather dependent, as we always say, and assuming nothing crops up to get in the way.

Anyway, the plan is to activate the trio: Loft Crag; Pike o’ Stickle; and Harrison Stickle, exciting tops in Langdale, all on 2m FM. This either on 9 or 10 September. None are SOTA tops (that honour goes to High Raise, nearby), but I hope some WOTA folks, SOTA folks and others are in chaser mode on these weekdays. I’ve never achieved zero contacts from a top, but have come close a few times! I plan to put up a proper activation announcement nearer the time.

If this works out I think I’ll achieve the record for the longest time taken to activate all 214!

73, Phil

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hi phil
it doesn’t matter how long it as taken just that you got them done
they are all bad ones for me but if you go for the 9th i will pick a top near by to get you
i am out with GEOFF GM4WHA on the 11th so it would give the old leg’s time to recover
73 reg

Well, completed the 214 activations today. I’ll do a write up. But just to note here with regret the failure to get the planned contact with Reg, LDF from the last top, Harrison. I did try, Reg! Wandering about with dipole held aloft! 73, Phil

hi phil
its strange Harrison Stickle is probably the highest of the 3 fells but i could just about make out your voice but not a call sign
i can only think that High Raise was in the way
73 reg 2e0ldf

Hi Phil,

Many congratulations on achieving the 214. A fantastic achievement.

73 Geoff GM4WHA

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