Top 30 Oldest Activated Summits

I thought just out of interest I would list the oldest activated summits:

Link Book Name Height Last Activated
LDO-058 OF Stickle Pike (Raven’s Crag) 361 11/12/2013
LDO-079 OF The Knott (Dunnerdale Fells) 284 11/12/2013
LDO-024 OF Ulthwaite Rigg 502 04/03/2014
LDO-081 OF High Knott 275 15/05/2014
LDO-004 OF Howes 583 19/05/2014
LDO-030 OF Nabs Moor 492 19/05/2014
LDW-176 S Green Crag 489 12/08/2016
LDO-069 OF Ponsonby Fell 315 19/06/2017
LDW-094 W Caw Fell 690 18/07/2017
LDO-072 OF Seat How (Birker Moor) 311 10/08/2017
LDO-096 OF Dunmallet 240 04/09/2017
LDW-195 FE Steel Knotts 432 08/09/2017
LDW-143 FE Angletarn Pikes 567 03/04/2018
LDO-025 OF Stainton Pike 498 06/04/2018
LDO-027 OF Yoadcastle 494 06/04/2018
LDO-031 OF Woodend Height 487 06/04/2018
LDO-041 OF Great Worm Crag 427 08/06/2018
LDO-063 OF Boat How 337 19/06/2018
LDW-005 S Great End 910 05/09/2018
LDW-011 S Esk Pike 885 05/09/2018
LDO-054 OF Heughscar Hill 375 18/09/2018
LDO-023 OF Hare Shaw 503 10/04/2019
LDW-088 S Cold Pike 701 02/05/2019
LDW-144 FE Brock Crags 561 05/05/2019
LDW-161 FE Bonscale Pike 524 07/07/2019
LDW-016 E White Side 863 21/08/2019
LDW-078 E Birkhouse Moor 718 22/08/2019
LDO-036 OF White Pike (Birkby Fell) 442 23/09/2019
LDO-066 OF The Knott (Stainton Fell) 331 23/09/2019
LDO-068 OF Rough Crag (Birker Moor) 319 23/09/2019

Mark, do you mean the WOTA summits that were the first (‘oldest’) to be activated or the ones that have gone the longest time since they were last activated?

In any case, I have to take issue with the ‘Last Activated On’ dates on some of them. I’ve activated at least five of them all more recently than 2017.

For example: LDO-015 Caw - G8CPZ/P on Mon 6 Jul 2020

Are they actually ‘First Activated On’ dates?

Edit Update:
Taking the Caw’s example, here’s the previous activations for Caw and “M0AYB 07/05/2016” isn’t even in the list:

Could be Andy, I’ll check the data later

I’ve updated the list Andy. I think I was looking at a legacty column that isn’t updated any more on the main summits table.

I nearly went to Caw Fell the other day…does that count? I could see it if that helps, just ran out of time

Spoke with @g1ohh today. She has a most wanted list, maybe need a bit of that as well

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