Top O'Selside - Lake District Winter WX

I put a post on the SOTA Reflector of my recent activity on Sunday from the Top o’Selside.

Only managed two 2m contacts due to use of handheld and the weather setting in badly at that point. Apologies to anyone holding out for a contact, the difference from my HF position and the cairn stones was quite spectacular. I’d gotten cold by then. Next time I’m in this situation I’ll get the 2m done first.

Decided against trying to activate the other 3 Wainwrights because of poor footing. It was very damp underfoot and I know I’d have been up to my ankles in it regularly. Also, the current footwear is getting long in the tooth and grip is poor at best.

Really enjoyed HF from there, the FT-817 with 5w was doing a magnificent job - 59 reports on 80m with no band noise is something to be treasured!

Photos are here.