Unconfirmed contacts clean up

Right then @2e0ldf I’ve done my bit and spent a couple of hours clearing up most of my unconfirmed contacts.there’s a few left over from activations I’ve not made, I’m guessing they are mis-typed rather than anything else

I’m left with the following:

GR4ZRP GR4ZRP 7 May 2011 LDW-056 - High Raise (Langdale) - On Illgill head that day , callsign in SOTA log
MW6ISV MW6ISV 23 Jul 2017 LDW-042 - Allen Crags - Kirk fell for this date, callsign in SOTA log
G1OHH G1OHH 20 Apr 2020 LDW-042 - Allen Crags - Not guilty, didn’t activate that day
G1OHH G1OHH 6 Jun 2020 LDW-063 - Dale Head - Just the wrong date, it was the 7th @g1ohh1 sue
M7XUP 2E0XUP 28 Dec 2020 LDW-212 - Black Fell - Blake fell @M7XUP
G1OHH G1OHH 19 May 2021 LDW-083 - Pike O’Stickle - Weird this one I didn’t go out this day apparently
G7CDA G7CDA 19 May 2021 LDW-086 - Pike O’Blisco - Same here @G7CDA. Unless I’ve not entered a log in SOTA and missed one off. Seems weird there’s 2 similar ones for the same day
G1PIE G1PIE 2 Jun 2021 LDW-042 - Allen Crags - I guess this is mis-typed as well. I think it should be helvellyn
M0NOM M0N0M 19 Dec 2021 LDW-112 - Harter Fell (Eskdale) - Odd this one. @M0NOM as it looks like I’ve logged it but it doesn’t want to be acknowledged. Maybe I’ve miss typed something

Its dangerously close to looking ‘clean’ on the log. I’ve emailed those I can find addresses for to try and clear them up.

I promise not to let it get in that state again Reg :slight_smile:


G7KSE Alex can you confirm an activation date for me
LDW004 Skiddaw date 30 NOV 0001

Hi @g7kse Alex

This is what the database has for our contact that you mentioned:

So it looks like I logged it as a S2S from Fairfield, which ties in with my Fast Log Entry:

2m fm
55 g7kse/p 145.475 g/ld-028 

but maybe you didn’t enter it as a S2S. That would tie in with what I’m seeing from the chaser log:

I probably forgot to tell you I was on a summit :man_facepalming:

Regards, Mark.

SQL for reference:

SELECT * FROM `chaser_log`
WHERE year = 2021
AND date = '2021-12-19'
AND ((wkdby = 'M0NOM' and stncall = 'G7KSE')
OR (wkdby = 'G7KSE' and stncall = 'M0NOM'))

hi Alex
the contacts that i was on about are
I don’t even think Matthew(m0mzb) could cover all that distance in one day

now i have got you looking at your login the only thing i have to whinge about now is your timings
thanks Alex look forward to the next club activation

73 reg

We should be sorted now Keith. Shout up if its not worked


Are we square Reg?

It doesn’t look right to me and I wonder if something hasn’t worked if I’ve imported a load from a SOTA CSV

The year looks wonky.

btw time is relative I’m told. Chances of me being on time for anything are slim

I’d suggest its me Mark. I’ve put a s2s entry in to see if it goes away. I really must a better go of logging. Far too relaxed about it, just like the timing :slight_smile:


These should be 7 March 2023
These are contacts claimed to have been made with you by an activator, which have not been claimed by you as a chaser. This may be because the wrong date, wrong summit or wrong call was entered when the contact was logged, or because you have forgotten to log that contact. Don’t lose points by neglecting to claim contacts.

Call Date Summit S2S? Cfmd?
G7KSE 30 Nov -0001 LDW-112 - Harter Fell (Eskdale)
G7KSE 30 Nov -0001 LDW-151 - Hard Knott

Sorted (I hope) David :slight_smile:

Still not sorted Alex :grinning: