Unconfirmed Contacts


Your specific contacts in question:

There are 4 listed: 2E0MIX on 18-May-19 and 3 with 2E0LDF on 27-Jun-19, 13-Sep-19 and 20-Sep-19. I can send you the CSV file for any of those activations if that would help.

Here are your contacts as they appear in the database for 20-SEP-2019:

I can see that the S2S with 2E0LDF is confirmed and marked as a S2S correctly.

For 13-SEP-2019:

the QSO is confirmed as a S2S contact.

I don’t see any activator contacts in the database for you for 27-JUN-2019, there are contacts logged for me M0NOM, Les 2E0LDF and Phil M0AYB.

I don’t have any activator contacts for you on 18-MAY-2019, but I can see Derek’s entry which is marked as a S2S:

Maybe something went wrong with the upload of that file, or the direct entry into the form?

Regards, Mark.

I’m happy to investigate further, either for you Andy or anyone else who thinks the logging isn’t correct.

Explicit examples where you think there is an issue have the best chance of uncovering a bug in the code.

Regards, Mark. M0NOM.

Hi Mark,

I’ve found out why I never uploaded onto the WOTA website my SOTA CSV files for 18-May-19 (including 2E0MIX QSO) and 27-Jun-19 (including 2E0LDF QSO): neither of the summits I activated was a WOTA summit. They were G/LD-058 Arnside Knott and GM/SS-064 Tinto.

So, whilst both were valid contacts, there was no WOTA-to-WOTA S2S in those cases. Or, have I misunderstood the WOTA rules (i.e. is WOTA to SOTA a valid S2S contact?)

For the 13-Sep-19 and 20-Sep-19 cases you indicated my uploads look correct. So, do I need to take any action now to resolve those unconfirmed contacts?

Thanks for all your work on this especially at the weekend.

Hi Andy, you are correct that S2S are only valid if they are WOTA to WOTA.
The entries are correct for 13-SEP-2019 and 20-SEP-2019, so I think it is all good?
Regards, Mark.