Unintentional activation of both Watch Hills

on Sunday the 7th i went up Watch hill to get Alex G7KSE on Great Mell Fell and also meet up with Nike Geoff and Dave.I took the ft3d with me but no pen or paper as i had not planned on doing a activation but while i was up Phil M0AYB/P was on BINSEY so i worked him then Geoff GM4WHA then Lee M0LLC and Alex G7KSE/P ON Little Mell Fell and MM3WZJ/P on GM/SS-082 from the sota summit G/LD-054
Thanks to Phil and Alex for emailing me times

Moota with Clints Crags to the right

mist over home

down Lorton Valley

Grasmoor and the Buttermere Fells

it was a gorgeous morning not a breath of wind and warm in the sun with loads of people out

i think there must have been some working’s at some point maybe for dry stone walling

home QTH behind the caravan site still in mist

I.O.M could be seen in the distance

Skiddaw Ullock Pike Sale Fell

Dave G3TQQ Geoff M0PYG Nick G4OOE
behind schedule due to icey roads

Geoff acting as a roach pole or just getting his back warm with a bit of RF !!
it was great to meet up with old friends again, all thanks to the Wainwright on the air and ham radio


Reg. Sunday morning turned out to have lots of WOTA fun, mostly unplanned. We should do a bit more ad hoc stuff in the future perhaps.
Anyway, your picture of the workings… This is a layer of diorite that was intruded as hot magma into the sedimentary rock of Watch Hill about 500 million years ago. It shows columnar jointing - nothing like Giant’s Causeway, but the same kind of phenomenon. There’s also a circular trace of an old wall around this top, which may be an Iron Age relic. I agree the hole was probably dug for wall building, but who knows when. There are other smaller examples across Watch Hill top. It’s good to get max value out of WOTA trips! 73, Phil

Thanks for the welcome Reg on “your” two summits. It is always a pleasure to work you and meet up with you on our Lake District adventures. On the Sunday the roads were pretty treacherous and all three of us skidded in our cars around a dodgy left hander a couple of miles away from the Watch Hill parking spot. Thankfully the weather improved over the next few days and we were able to activate something every day Sunday to Friday.

Till next time
Nick G4OOE