Walking pole masts

About a year ago one of my walking poles managed to lose its spikey end bit. I didn’t throw it away but thought about getting a replacement end. This ended up being nearly as expensive as getting a new one. Which I did but that pair has been liberated by Mrs g7kse. That’s a whole different story.

Anyway, back to the point. I decided to use what was left as a small mast and after a bit of faffing about used it the other day on Grasmoor, Whiteside, Hopegill head and Grizedale Pike. Probably nothing new but I took the handle off so I just had the bare Al shaft and I 3d printed a little end piece that accepted either a 25mm ID water pipe or a 20mm OD bit of sturdy conduit (not the thin wall stuff). Seemed to work quite except when the wind blew the extended version over with a a particularly strong gust.

Here’s an action shot

Happy to share the stl or design if wanted.



hi alex
walking poles i all way thought they were a fashion accessory for pretend fell walkers and not real mountain men, but since my fall coming down of Grasmoor last November and hurting my knee i am now starting to think it might be a good idea to get some for descending and take the strain of my knee

so i wonder what others that use them think of them good idea or bad???

Versatile things… Use them for holding up a tarp, antennas and occasionally walking. Don’t always take them but am always thankful when I’m crossing a beck for some extra points of contact.

Definitely a good idea Reg. I also used to take the mickey and/or not be fully convinced of their use, until I fell in Madeira and broke my leg. I then found walking somewhat challenging…

We use them all the time now and they have saved us countless times on muddy hikes.

As Alex has shown, they are also very handy as antenna supports. For quick 2m activations, we often stick the 2m SlimJim on the end of a pole and activate.

@g7kse We found replacement pole spikes in Trespass in Bowness-on-Windermere. A pack of two spikes with plastic mounting bits was 99p. About the only thing worth buying in there though… :wink:

Best 73,

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