Walla Crag - 8th July

A great day for a walk up to Walla Crag. Not too warm, a gentle breeze and a clear view. I managed to work 2E0MIX, M0AYB, M7XUP, G0TDM and G0MWE. I heard Reg 2E0LDF but he could not hear my 5w into the half wave antenna mounted on my rucksack… I also briefly heard Geoff G4WHA (that must have been an aircraft reflection as there really is no path to Carlisle from Walla and he was there one second and gone the next).
We (Louise G8CME and I plus Bella and Willow our two Cocker Spaniels) have not done Walla Crag for a while so it was good to revisit.

Mike G4BLH

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hi mike great photos stunning sky and better than the ones i got on Walla Crag
73 reg 2e0ldf

Great photos thanks for sharing Mike, Mark.