Website down at moment?

Is it down or is it just me?

Yes that is a concern. I can’t get it to load either.
Dad and I will be out in the Far Eastern Fells all Easter weekend. Please listen to S20 if there’s no WOTA website

David M0YDH

My fault. All sorted.


Ah soz Mark…some more wuk fer ye. The CSV uploader seems to be unhappy with some dates. Time seems ok but the date has a wonk on it

Hi Alex. Can you extrapolate, because everything in your screenshot great :wink:


date on the uploaded stuff is 2026-03-2024 when it should be 26-03-2024. Its added an extra 20 on the front of the day

Hi Alex

I’m not sure your input file conforms to the SOTA CSV specification. Did you use a tool to generate it, or from a spreadsheet?

When I look at my CSV files I have the date as DD/MM/YY, for example:

V2,M0NOM/P,G/LD-027,02/06/21,0913,144MHz,FM,M0AYB/P,G/LD-019,SOTA: G/LD-019
V2,M0NOM/P,G/LD-027,02/06/21,0927,144MHz,FM,G7KSE/P,G/LD-003,SOTA: G/LD-003
V2,M0NOM/P,G/LD-027,02/06/21,0940,144MHz,FM,M7AVT,,OP: Aigars  QTH: Carlisle
V2,M0NOM/P,G/LD-027,02/06/21,0941,144MHz,FM,GM3VMB,,OP: Peter  QTH: Lockerbie
V2,M0NOM/P,G/LD-027,02/06/21,0944,144MHz,FM,2E0XUP,,OP: Steve  QTH: Deerham

Regards, Mark.

I use tsotalog. Its fine with sota and ok on here for a while. there is a slight difference in date if I download from sotadata mind you.

Original is:

V2,G7KSE/P,G/LD-024,2024-03-26,11:14,10.118Mhz,CW,EA1DT,,"Cesar r339 s339"

Downloaded from sotadata after original is uploaded:

V2,G7KSE/P,G/LD-024,26/03/2024,11:14,10MHz,CW,EA1DT,,"Cesar r339 s339"

sotatdata must fiddle about with the data format from yyyy-mm-dd to dd/mm/yyyy

No big deal

The great thing about standards is there are so many to choose from :man_facepalming:

The code providing the SOTA upload facility is written in golang and literally shoehorned onto the VM running the WOTA site. I was amazed I was able to build a linux native binary locally and it still ran when uploaded to the server.

It is in my plans to replace/augment the facility with a more general ADIF upload facility but I can’t see me using golang again given that I haven’t written any in 5 years. The way in which the current facility works suffers from code smell so I’d look to provide a replacement facility that supports both SOTA/ADIF files, probably utilising some of the code from the ADIF Processor.

I’d also like to get a mobile friendly version of the spots/alerts pages put together for operators ‘in the field’.

Cheers, Mark

I love a good standard

I’m glad you’re doing all this stuff. i wouldn’t know which thing to mess up first :slight_smile:
tsotalog is great in the field but not so good with wota, so I’ll upload to sota first then use that csv in the future. Just spent a bit of time fixing the log (again) with wonky dates. I’d prefer not to do that