Weekend activation

I’ll be out on Saturday around Skiddaw as I’m in Keswick in the morning on the boat (last chance to put the crew together before the Tyne head race). If the lake is calm then we could be on it a while seeing as we’ve not been out since before Christmas.

So…The main aim for me is to activate the summit without being blown to pieces by any localised Skiddaw breeze / gale. After the summit I’ll be looking to activate little man and lonscale fell, probably on the way down.

I’ve put the alerts up but it all depends on the morning row. Our race is twice the normal distance and its a long row to the start, plus I’m down for two boats so I need time on the water.

Why am I telling you this? I might be completely knackered and potentially might not even make it to the car park :smile:

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Alex, I enjoyed doing those three summits in September 2020 in milder weather than you’ll get this weekend. I’m sure you’ll have no problem qualifying Skiddaw on 2m FM on a Saturday. If, I’m around I’ll try to work you from home but can’t remember if Skiddaw is reachable from my [25m ASL] QTH 53km SSE. If it’s not too cold/windy 30m [my favourite HF band] will certainly do the trick for you - although sadly 10-MHz groundwave won’t get this far south.

Have fun, Andy

Nice to get you in the log Andy. Lonscale fell was like the Costa del sol in comparison to Skiddaw summit.

Not a chance of hf today. Its usually around 40mins for a decent hf activation for me and I would have been really chilly by then… and worse than that I didn’t have any tea left

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An extra day out today to burnbank, blake and gavel fells thanks for the chaser organisation @2e0ldf and the stalwart @GM4WHA. I only took the baofeng and noticed it was on low power at gavel fell :-). Sorry I didn’t get you Steve, it was a bit of a last minute thing with Hannah

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