Wet Sleddale track/Knipescar Common

8.3 Miles, 6 hrs.

I did this round with Colin ( G4UXH/P ), Sue ( G1OHH/P ) and Heather ( M6UXH/P ).

Finished with this one on the way back home


Looking the business there Derek what was the antenna set up…interesting mapping also :+1:

Sorry I missed you Derek. Great to see you on the fells again.

Mark. M0NOM

This must an historic posting from Derek - the late G4UXH/P Colin (SK) is mentioned with Sue and Heather who I know haven’t been out activating for eons…

This reminds me that when I activated the Outlying Fells in 2012 I did not write up my progress in my Wainwright Blog. However I still have most of the GPX files for the walks I did should anyone wish to have them to assist with route planning. I could also send a screenshot of the OS 25K map of any specific walk, and the odd photo should that be of any use. You can contact me via the email address on QRZ.COM if you are interested.

73 Phil G4OBK

Ah OK, maybe Derek is testing the water of discourse…

Yes, I was a little confused with Deklan posting, then I realised it must be is Derek’s AKA name!

73 Phil G4OBK

Sorry I should have made it clear that this walk was from 2013, I put the post up in response to Andy’s (g8cpz) walk around Wet Sleddle. As you will know I have been tantalisingly close to gaining the 330 fells chased for some years now and I’m trying to drum up some interest in the two I need, Knipescar Common being one of them. :slight_smile: 73, 2e0mix. :slight_smile: