What 2m/70cm handheld are you using?

Interested to know what handheld others are using on the fells :thinking:

Hi Mike,

I use an FT1XD. I got interested in Fusion as a digital mode, and whether it would work better where signal strengths are low. What I found will probably not be any surprise, in that FM degrades ‘gracefully’ whereas C4FM performs well down to a low-level, but then cuts off. The GPS position and distance reporting is a nice feature. I didn’t ever really reach a conclusion as to whether C4FM allow the completion of a longer contact).

The FT1XD, when configured with a MicroSD card and GPS turned on, will log position which is a nice feature to have. I have also made use of APRS. I’ve found that interesting when down at my mum’s house in Bedfordshire as it is very flat so even with the standard antenna picks up a lot of activity.

WRT: antennas, a lot of us now swear by the RH-770 (originally from Diamond but widely cloned).

Regards, Mark

Hi Mark thanks for reply I have considered the ft1xd amongst others…I do like C4FM and do use aprs from home. Did have the ft2d but its long gone now, been looking online for the RH-770 but all places seem out of stock will keep looking :+1:

I vary between a Yaesu FT-65E, Anytone 868 or a Yaesu Ft-270. I have not long had the 270 and not sure on the battery life.

I have the Anytone so I can also use my Hotspot at home on the BM network but I do find it a little bulky when attached to a rucksack strap.

I am also interested in what antennas people use. I broke my RH-770 when my handheld fell over and bent the top section which eventually snapped. I also use a RH-660S and a Retevis RHD771 but quite often throw a 5/8 on the mast, which gets some good results. Have also looked at the yagi from Sandpiper when my homebrew just didn’t work.

73 Andrew M0TRI

ps Mark, can my login be changed to my new callsign or do I just need to create a new account?

Hi Mike,

I bought a brand new [but already obsolete] FT-270 last year for those northern days where it’s raining cats and dogs and I’m worried about dropping the HT in a big puddle. Robust and waterproof but heavy. As a 2m-only HT, apparently it has a narrow-filtered front end and does well in the presence of strong out-of-band signals. When the battery drops to about 7.7V it’s no longer safe to take it on activations without a spare battery or a backup HT. On one QSO (with Mark M0NOM) I had to reduce my overs to a few seconds just to complete the QSO before the battery cut out each time.

My other HT, also now obsolete, is the FT-1DE (2m-70cm FM/C4FM). It has the essentials and I see no benefits in its successors, FT2D and Ft3D, unless you like to waste battery life on large or very large [colour] touchscreens.

My standard antenna is the Diamond RH-770 which has received many excellent reports. It’s 3x the price of the Chinese clones of which I’ve had two before they fell apart. The Diamond one is going strong after 3 years so the cost per unit lifetime is much better than the clones. I don’t like to use the RH-770 in high wind so I often use a folding J-pole on a 2.8m pole or attached to a tree especially when very cold and I want to hunker down in the heather but still have a good take off.

A bit off topic: I frequently take my FT817 to activate vertically-polarized 2m SSB pedestrian mobile or stationary with 817 operating inside a small rucksack.

73 Andy G8CPZ / M0ALC

Did think about the Ft2d but didn’t take into account the battery consumption with the large display, have had one in the past and are a good set. Seems that no one mentions Icom ?

Just a recap on this for those that don’t know…a ft3d came up local and at a price I could not refuse so I grabbed it. Had it a couple months now and love it with a fare few activations under its belt, easy read touch display good sound and the battery is dam good…seems very sensitive so all is good so far.
When felling lazy and not took the flowerpot had great results with the stock antenna…although looking for a upgrade for it.