What about some WOTA DX?

Does anyone have an informal record of the furthest station contacted from a Wainwright? I’m thinking here maybe of a Wainwright-only summit, so not a HEMA or SOTA.

I possibly have furthest combined WOTA/SOTA contact from Red Screes LDW-049 on 19/04/2019 with Ron ZL4RMF. Mike 2E0YYY was out the same day and narrowly beat me distance wise from his Stoke-on-Trent summit (yes, it is slightly further!)

I have been attempting more DX in conjunction with Mike 2E0YYY who arranges skeds, wondering if this could be an opportunity for some publicity? If so, what would be a good Wainwright to do this from? At the moment it requires me to be out around 11pm local.

Regards, Mark.


Just out of interest I had a quick search to see if there is a tool that will tell you what is the furthest point on the globe from a location, and there is: Antipodes Map

This is from Windermere:


Love the antipodesmap - mines close to NZ but again in the ocean. I can’t compete on distance. I’ve been heard on WSPR in Tasmania but I don’t think that counts - and it isn’t very difficult either. :slight_smile: