Work one and go

Well, there seems to be an increase in ‘‘Work one and go’’ activators, another heard today on Steel Fell who worked one and despite strong stations calling them just went. No it wasn’t a bad day weather wise and there doesn’t seem to be any other reason to this than a purely selfish one to get their own points and ‘‘dont care’’ about the chasers. It left at least two of disheartened and I feel like stopping chasing. It also doesn’t look good to anyone thinking of starting WOTA chasing, especially when, like me, you are not in a good home QTH for radio. Maybe it is just ‘‘attitudes’’ today when everyone is becoming more selfish but it certainly spoils it for us chasers. Thanks to the usual crowd who make it their goal, sometimes in awful weather, to work everyone calling. Let’s flush out the ‘‘Work one and go’’ crowd as I wont even try to work them even if I am the only person around.

Hi Dougie

I agree with your comments. This has happened to me a few times over the years. As an activator I always try and work everyone. The only time I would cut short is if the weather started turning bad. Steel fell is one I can work from home to, so like yourself it is disappointing.
73,s Geoff GM4WHA

Hi Douggie, please don’t let the behaviour of what I hope is a small minority of activators put you off. There are many other activators who like myself really appreciate your regular chasing. You have helped me qualify WOTA and SOTA summits numerous times in the nearly three years since I moved to Cumbria.

You have been very often the first - and sometimes the only - chaser I hear which is such a relief when sat on some cold and windy summit calling CQ.

Best wishes, Andy

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It was the other way round with Andrew and myself yesterday Geoff, we activated Rubers Law and Belling Hill. we called and called on two meters but could not get the required four contacts fortunately a couple of very helpful chasers managed to get us to three on both fells the forth contact being made by one of us chasing from outside the activation zone.
It must have sounded very strange if anybody was listening to me pleading for contacts from two very cold and windy summits. :smiley:

Maybe the station had a technical or other problem. Maybe they are new and unsure on the air. Who knows? Benefit of the doubt? Maybe we need to emphasise the spirit of WOTA and SOTA more obviously: contact all chasers and even give a few shouts into the ether afterwards to check for any latecomers. Activating is rather soul-less and pointless if one doesn’t take the opportunity to greet friends and potential friends. 73, Phil

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Hi Derek,

Unfortunately i could not hear you on either summit. I heard other stations working you but could not hear you. I was monitoring in Carlisle but it is not a great vhf location.

Geoff GM4WHA / G4WHA/A

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If the wind hadn’t snapped one of the sections on Andrews pole Geoff we might just have got enough signal out to reach you. :yum:

he was maybe using a baofeng and could not hear any one ? or not a regular WOTA activator
most of us all ways try to get as many chasers as possible because we really value you being there, or there would not be any point in us going up with a radio. I consider you all as old friends and have a chat and not just a signal report

73 reg 2e0ldf

Yes Reg , He could have had problems ? I’m also new to this as you know, but it would seem a waste of time just taking a radio up a fell for one contact on purpose . Like when fishing , I won’t go home while they are still biting if I can get away with it .
Despite being restricted to the hand held antenna by the winds enjoyed it on Blake this morning , even Mrs 'MGO is enjoying the opportunity to get back on the hills ,and even recognises the voices of the regular contacts now !
Cheers to all who called today , unfortunately couldn’t quite get back to Matthew M0MZB who I think I just heard briefly above the noise floor with with my set up today.

That’s not great Douggie. As a nominally useless chaser (poor qth for radio) I choose to activate. I simply can’t do this without chasers. My general rule is ‘work everyone’. I’d feel a bit hollow if I’d completed with just ones and twos.

Occasionally things don’t go my way. Like on Robinson the other day, sometimes stuff breaks and a rubber duck doesn’t cut it. But that is the exception rather than the rule.

Please don’t stop chasing.

But on the chasing theme, do we have a ‘most wanted’ list for chasers. If not I think we should get one. Gives an activator the chance to be directed by the chasers for once :grin:

Hi Alex @g7kse ,
I’ve not seen a database list of ‘most wanted’ summits, but I imagine Mark @M0NOM could obtain that from the system. It’s something that we would like to see, as it would certainly influence our planned activations. Nic is keen to do 1st activations/rare ones/uniques, both SOTA & WOTA.

I’ve been sent a list by David @G6LKB, but that’s just his ‘most wanted’ list. I guess everyone could post something here, if the database option isn’t a quickie?

Hi Douggie. We try not to do one & go activations, but sometimes it is necessary if the WOTA we are passing is not our primary goal or if no-one answers the CQ. For example, we passed LDW-103 on 5th March on a walk down from High Street LDW-025 (where we made 30+ contacts for the Wainwrights Weekend). I wanted to activate just because I had my handie on at the time, but it was windy, cold and we needed to press on as we had a lot of miles to cover to get back to the van. It had to be a quickie, so I made a W2W contact with Martin on G/LD-017. No-one else called me when we finished chatting, so it was a one & go, sorry! That was an 18 mile hike in total.

To avoid doing the one & go, we often skip activating and mark a summit as one to return to in the future and ‘do’ properly. For example, LDW-103 is on that list, because Nic didn’t activate it and I only spoke to one person. LDO-111 is another on that list, as is Knott LDW-082, which we only just qualified thanks to Geoff @GM4WHA - that was another freezing cold activation!!!

Generally speaking, in Winter with limited daylight, certain summits will get priority because it’s not feasible to stop and activate every one. In summer it’s not such a problem of course.

Hope to catch you soon and thank you for chasing us, it is really appreciated.
Best 73, Simon & Nic.