Workington radio club activation

i know Swinside is a SOTA and not a Wainwright but most people that participte in the WOTA scheme also do both

Andrew G4VFL was kind enough to get permission for 4 people to activate Swinside G/LD-057 which is on privately owned land and can only be accessed at certain times of the year

Matthew M0MZB
Andrew G4VFL
Alex G7KSE
and my self meet at the car park for the start of the walk

the path start is on the right of the photo


Catbells ldw-189

the walk up is only short but suprisingly step in section’s

Matthew and Alex setting up for HF

Newlands valley Dale Head ldw-063 and Robinson ldw-063 in the mist Causey Pike ldw-119 mist free

throwing a brick with a wire attached over a tree was not such a good idea i had to get out of the way as the brick and wire parted company

Matthew was the best organised he and Alex did CW out of the wind with gusts of 36 mph and -3 wind chill

Andrew tried oscar 100 and 23cms with out much luck

the 4 of us had a absolutely brilliant time dispite the wind and odd shower i thougth i might struggle on 2 meters but got 10 contacts in the end and thanks to Geoff for gone out of his way to make the contact

on the way down we heard quad bikes but they must have been in another part of the forest


Hi Reg,

Thank you and Alex for the rather difficult contacts on 2m! It was good to get you both. If i had been able to i was hoping to take half a days holiday and get into a position to work Andrew on 23cms but i was unable to get the half day off.

It looks like a nice summit to activate though.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

Enjoyed seeing these photos of the day’s events Reg, Looked like everyone was enjoying themselves !
Rich’ (2E0XGO/P)

hi Richard

i wonder i you have worked out how all 4 of us are on the same photo
Alex G7KSE say’s he wll never believe a photo again

73 reg