WOTA and SOTA divide?

One thing I learned today from a group of sota activators that they were not interested in my wota activation and didn’t let me work all 3 of them in there group. A good job I didn’t have to rely on them for my activation…its all fun so lets all enjoy it !!

Actually said no? I’ve noticed once a group have 4 each one gets all the work to do, but I’ve never been refused.

They didn’t say no Steve but it was very much obvious in the qso they were not interested…other sota stations got to work all 3 of them.

Hi Mike,

That is quite poor. I would always work anyone regardless.

Looks like you had a good walk.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

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I understand Mike. I was not offered the other 2 like the other S2S were - but tbh, I was much more interested in catching U ASAP. Keep smiling. :+1:

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