WOTA debut on LDO-059

Had the pleasure of accompaning Dean M7DSU/P and Daughter Emily (potential M7 in the future ?) on his first activation . Dean and family have recently moved to the area and Dent turned out to be a great introduction to WOTA/SOTA , a short drive and pleasant walk with good views of the local area .
It went very well with some welcome and familiar voices from England , Ireland , Scotland & and two S2S from Wales . He took his drone up and got some smashing footage . He maybe able to post a link to somewhere it can be viewed ?
Richard 2E0XGO



Please convey welcome to Dean but warn him that WOTA is addictive! I suggest get him registered through WOTA website if not already done so, activation logged and so-on. Great to see a drone pic there. 73, Phil

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Hi RIchard
It was good to get you both on Dent if it was not for coming down to Poole I would have joined you .

We will have to arrange another fell when I get back home

Reg 2e0ldf

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I think he’s registered Phil , and will probably be posting at some point soon.

Yes Reg , we’ll sort something out . You’re not missing much weather wise up here . I’ll be back next Wednesday.

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Thanks everyone. It was really enjoyable and I’m looking forward to the next one.
I hope to complete them all at some point and mark them on my map.
I also hope it’s something i can get my daughter involved in.

Thanks Richard for taking me and showing me the ropes. I learned a lot.