WOTA Goals this year

I’m intestered to see if anyone has any specific goals this year.

On my list is the Fairfield Horseshoe. I’d also like to help some of the chasers with their final fells.

Regards Mark

I’m 50 this year so 50 activations it is for me. Nice and simple :grin:

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hi mark
for me it’s to complete the Wainwright book 1 the Eastern Fells, i still need to activate 12

i’m also happy to help any one activate some of my local hills. i know that Geoff GM4WHA needs to do some around the North West Fells to complete them all
73 reg

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Hi Mark,

As Reg mentioned i would like to complete the North Western Fells as need 9 to complete the book. Of those 8 are in the Grasmoor and Grisedale Pike area and Castle Crag all on its own.

Hopefully i will be able to do some of them soon. Not sure if it is feasible to do all 8 in one walk or if its better to split into 2 seperate walks? I wonder what anyone’s thoughts are? The fells are as follows:-

Eel Crag
Grisedale Pike
Hopegill Head
Whiteless Pike
Rannerdale Knotts

Obviously Castle Crag is a walk on its own.

73’s Geoff


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I’ve done those in one go Geoff and its a long day but not as long as you might expect. You could knock off Grisedale Pike and do that on its own but I’m planning on doing these all with mrs g7kse again this year. I started at Rannerdale knotts and it seemed to be easy on a nice warm day in the summer. Could be awful if its poor weather though.

As the saying goes’ once you are up, you’re up’

Hi Alex,

Thanks for that information. I may do the fells in 2 trips but will see. It would be good to do them in a oner but will see!!

Geoff GM4WHA

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