Tough but rewarding walk ticking off 3 summits

The day started with high drama at the swimming pool, Luke, without getting into the water, decide his goggles were going to leak, so was benched while I set the three lanes away on their warm-up. When he sorted himself out, he swam like a man possessed, but anyway, back to the walking…

I arrived at a very full car park around noon and was lucky enough to have a young lady keep the gate open for me, having done so for her fella, so I could turn the car round and head back down the hill looking for somewhere unoffensive to abandon it. Potentially suitable locations passed me by (fear of a ticket, or being that so and so) and I eventually tucked in on a wider bit of road so close to the bank, I needed to get out the passenger side. With that all sorted, I put my boots on (need new ones for sure), the eldest lads MTB’ing Backpack and set off on my own listening to Bullet for My Valentine via bone conducting headphones, just 15 min behind schedule.

Anyway, you can read the report of you’re not loosing the will to live, or just watch the Relive Video. The link to the Garmin Data is here.. Key data for the day includes;

  • Steps - 24,000.
  • Floors Climbed - 304.

Strava Summary

Right, back to the report. Off I strode having planned an easier walk with less climbing than a number of weeks previously (turns out this was my longest walk with the most climbing). The path was obvious and within 10 minutes I realised my walking boots, bought when I was in my early 20’s need replaced.

The climb was relentless, but about an hour in the views were fantastic, this one below looking back at Keswick.

I made contact with Peter 2E0FQN/P on Skiddaw, he had been there some time, but unfortunately when I finally arrived, he has moved on. Also on route was Mike 2E0IKM/P on the summit of ??? LDW-???.

The false summit of Little Man.

I pressed on and 14h00 local, arrive at Skiddal Little Man, right on schedule, but very hungry and looking forward to eating.

The screen shot below is also from the OS Maps app, but I’m not sure it’s any good. Good idea mind.

On the summit I spoke to Alex initially and then the contacts followed;

  • G7KSE/P - Alex - on Grassmore G/LD-009 (SOTA)
  • 2E0LDF - Reg
  • 2E0MIX
  • G0TDM - John
  • GM4WHA/M - Geoff
  • 2E0PWN/P - Peter in the North Pennines - G/NP-004
  • G6LKB - David

After a much needed first lunch, and with the antenna high up;

  • G1OHH - Sue
  • G1OAE - Tony
  • G7CDA - Douggie - First time contact - Lancaster
  • G6HFF/P - Glenn - on Lattrig - G/LD-046 (SOTA) - First time contact
  • M5CMO - Brian - Carnforth - First time contact
  • G0TDM - John - Second time, this time 59 both ways.

I was starting to get cold, so put my smock on, contemplated my leggings, but decided against, and headed off down the hill in search of Skiddaw. It was noted by Derek 2E0MIX that a a lot miss out Little Man, and I can understand that. The path to the left following the descent from Skiddaw would have been my preferred route too.

Unfortunately I did not get the decision point, but you get the idea.

After another climb, the plateau of Skiddaw found its way under my throbbing feet, the walk to the trig point was straight forward.

View back to Little Man from the plateau of Skiddaw with Derwent Water (I think) to the right.

Around 3pm I arrived at Skiddaw, for the first time ever (well the first time ever on any of these hills).

The summit, bang on.

Trig Point on Skiddaw

Map distance thing - I’m sure there is a name for it.

I settled a little distance from the Trig Point around 3:15 and hoisted aloft the flower pot to be greeted by.

  • G7CDA
  • G1OHH
  • G0TDM
  • GM4WHA
  • 2E0LDF
  • G1AOE
  • M3DUR (13h38) - 7 Miles North of Stoke-on-Trent 5/4 both ways) - First Contact.
  • G6LKB
    *G1GDB - Derek - Bothel

Mike M3DUR was 112 miles away!
Also, it was great to talk to Derek for the first time simplex. We only live a dozen or so miles apart, but can not make a simplex contact between Dearham and Bothel!

I delayed by departure attempting to make contact with G0HRT (Rob in Southport) and GB0MHG (Chris) near Settle - Malham and Hellifield Home Guard. I was receiving them full scale, but was unable to return. I packed up and started for Lonscale Fell.

On route I passed Jenkin Hill, and a rather strange cairn.

built round an old fence railing.

The final destination, just head.

On route I spoke to Colin 2W0UAS on Anglesey, this time only 100 miles away, but although I could hear Colin clear as a whistle, he was really struggling with me. My report from him was 4/1.

I arrived at Lonscale Fell around 5:10pm, and was joined by;

  • 2E0MIX
  • G0TDM
  • 2E0IKM
  • GM4WHA
  • G6LKB
  • G0WFH - Chris

Now, both Derek and Reg were very keen to ensure I did not take the path prevouly trodden by Derek from Lonscale Fell, and with very good instructions I descended back towards the main path avoind the gully.

Heading home, hopefully on the right path.I wonder if this valley to the left was the one to avoid Derek?

Nope, OS Maps, I’m on the right path!

Rejoining the main path.

Not long now.

I wonder if anyone can tell me a little more about this?

And then to the car, just before 7pm.


These are my notes…

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Page 3

Page 4

Thanks to everyone for being there for all three summits. A good day out, no doubt I’ll spend a few days recovering. Not sure swimming tomorrow morning in Bass was the best idea, but too late now.

hi steve
another great report and photos.
it is a good walk and you took the best way down of lonscale fell , thanks for all 3 summits
73 reg

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Great report Steve, sorry I wasn’t about to work you. Fruitless car search and Manchester City Centre are no match for fell walking, that’s for sure!

Thanks Reg, have a good 'n to day,

Thanks Mark,

I’ve had a go with the Fast Logger - think I did it. Need to dig a little deeper to figure out how to capture the other data that you show and figure out how to get it fancy into the reports.



Skiddaw I find abit of a boring walk…but when you keep looking over your shoulder the views are amazing, sorry I didn’t catch you on two of the summits but was nice to catch you on your way up. Well done young man I need to go back and activate them :+1:

Try this route @2E0IKM recommended by @GM4WHA if I remember correctly.