Whinlatter from Whinlatter

I escaped the Aliens on Saturday and rather foolishly agreed to go biking with a mate on Sunday, forgetting that;

  1. My knees felt like rust gate hinges first thing.
  2. The kids were Mountain Biking with Cyclewise Academy.
  3. Some muggins needed to get their bikes in ship shape condition, and get them there, and feed them and himself, all before 12:30.

Needless to say, I cried off and left Mark to tackle amongst other hills, Cauda Brow, and Honister (from the Buttermere Side). I’ve never managed Honister from that side without putting a foot down, and I was in no shape to attempt it after Saturday.

Oddly, we arrived at Whinlatter on time, and the kids were dispatched into their groups, pleasantries exchanged with other parents, and I was off…

My Route can be viewed in detail on Garmin. I started from the lower car park, and took me to the right of the Go-Ape area, through the play ground and up onto a forestry road. I headed right (NE) for a short while, trying not to wince with every step, and then turned sharp left to follow the “road” to it’s end and a gate. Through the gate and then turning right headed up the hill following the fence line.

View down the fence line. The path clearly visible.

It was easy to make out the left turn on the way up and then the path to Whinlatter was easily followed. It was a little boggy in places and I needed to be careful to keep my trainers on at times.

Whinlatter in the distance.

Whinlatter was a little gem. The views were magnificent and it only took around 30 min to get there.

Panoramic View

I had spoke to James M0JCQ/P on the way to Whinlatter and we were to speak again on the summit of Whinlatter as he and his wife were headed to Grisedale Pike, and then again as I headed back when they had reached Grisedale Pike.

I really enjoyed the activation, and a special thanks to all the chasers, as I tended to have a natter to each one, so was up there for about 40 min. Could not believe I got a good clear contact from Mark MM0RYP/P in Dundee with a whip antenna and not the usual flower pot I drag about. Full list from the summit as follows;

  • GM4WHA
  • M0JCQ/P @Jamie
  • 2E0IKM 57 59
  • 2E0LDF
  • G1OAE
  • MM0RYP/P 53 57 @Mark
  • M0TRI/M 55 58 @Andrew
  • G0WFH 57 58 @Chris

Headed back I also got GM0HUU/P on GM/SS-239 Conic Hill.

Below a few more photos from Whinlatter.

I enjoyed the walk, the views and the natters.

When I got back, the kids had had a great afternoon on the trials, and best of all were uninjured.

All the best



Hi Steve

I noticed your spot but it was always going to be a big ask getting a contact from LDO-116 Humphrey Head where we were having a similar kind of day (report to follow).

I’ve looked at Whinlatter a few times as a more family friendly summit. It’s on my list. What a glorious day to be out in the Lakes.

Regards, Mark.

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Cracking views from that little fell Steve and sometimes its nice to get out without the flowerpot :+1:

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hi steve
its a nice easy walk up on to whinlatter through the forest and equally to take the time to have proper QSO’s with out big pile ups
spot on photos
73 reg

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Hi Mark,

I’m gonna have to take some time at some point to figure out the mark-up language for the links you put into your reports. I’ve been slowly picking up a few tricks, but still am in the dark for tables and the summit summary links.

Look forward to Humphrey report.



Hi Steve.

Links are fairly easy, you surround the text you want to be the link with square brackets, then immediately follow that with the link URL in normal brackets.

[link text](https://someurl/path)

For tables I do have to mess around a little. The header is like this:

|Time|Call|Band|Freq|Mode|Grid|Country|Operator Name|Notes|

then the table body needs to have the same number of columns separated by vertical bars |:

|13:03|GM4WHA|80m|3.715|SSB|IO84ix||Scotland|GEOFF HARPER|||
|13:04|G7CDA|80m|3.715|SSB|IO83qt||England|Douggie G7CDA|||

I use a text editor to do this - you’ll need to find something that works for you. I use https://qrz.com as my main log book, so I create a little query that gives me a list of the QSOs on the day of the activation, then literally cut-and-paste that list into a text editor.

The columns in the cut-and-paste output are separated by tabs, so I go through a find-replace cycle of converting tabs to vertical bars. You could probably use Excel to do something similar, or just hand-ball it from a text log file.

Hope that helps you get started.

Regards, Mark.

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Oh and the summit summary links are easy - pull up the page on the WOTA site, and literally cut and paste the summit title section:

Then use right-click ‘Copy Image’ on the map:

and ctrl-v paste the copied image into your report.


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Hi Steve,

Thank you for the contact. What cracking photos.

You certainly had a great activation.

73’s Geoff


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Thanks Mark,

I’ll have a go. It’s quite a powerful editor to handle cut and paste like that, well I think so anyways.

Will have ago at some of this for the next report.

I don’t really keep a log, paper or online, might have a go with the table formatting long hand and see how I get on.

When the time comes, and it won’t be far away, please advise what a reasonable donation would be for the site. When I joined I think a threw just a few quid in as I was uncertain as to the likelihood of me getting sucked in. For next year I’d like sort that as I’m in with both feet.

All the best